Carpeting Pros and Cons

Carpeting is a popular choice for flooring in the UK as it provides great insulation and helps keep the house warm from harsh British weather. However, it can be hard to maintain untouched, especially in heavy traffic areas, like hallways. Before considering carpet for your living space, go through the following list of pros and cons about carpet.

Benefits of Carpeting It is affordable

Like every other flooring option, there is a range in the prices of carpet. Carpet is usually bought per meter squared, so it can vary depending on how much is bought and the yarns used to construct the carpet. On the price scale for carpet, you can find a wide range of carpet choices, with varying colors and designs, at affordable prices that maintain a good quality finish. Depending on your budget, you'll always find something appropriate to what you are wanting for your living space.


It's Quieter

If you are looking to reduce echoes in your living space, the best way is to cover your floor with a living room carpet. Reflective surfaces allow soundwaves to bounce off and continue around the room causing echoes. By decreasing the number of reflective surfaces in your living space, means that there will be fewer soundwaves bouncing off, as they will be absorbed into the carpet. This is perfect if you are looking to muffle other noises as well, such as footsteps, music, voices, etc.

It's Softer

The relaxing, soft, and padded feel of carpet under your feet, as you come home from a long day, is a luxury you won't receive from other floorings. The carpet yarns are what separates carpet from the other flooring choices as it traps warm air underneath its fibers and keep the carpet warm. It is perfect for mornings where hardwood and laminate floors are usually cold and unbearable.

It's Versatile

Carpeting is available in every color under the sun and comes in almost every design and pattern there is. Depending on the style and vibe you are trying to go for your living space, you can easily find the perfect carpet to complete your surroundings. If you are going for simplistic décor, you can use a bold carpet to add personality and a focal point. On the flip side, if your decor is bold and eccentric, you can use simple and plain colors to tie everything together and act as a neutral image

It Hides Dirt

Carpet can hide and conceal stains and pillages. This is unlikely with lighter, simple colors but with carpets that have a repeating geometric pattern – you can hide a stubborn stain. With kids and pets around a house, it would be hard to maintain a clean and ordeal carpet if it is going through continuous traffic and stains and wear damage is likely to happen. Placing in a patterned carpet, allows stains to blend in with the pattern, taking away focus from the stain itself. Unless told about it, the stain would be hidden in plain sight.

Cons of Carpeting: It Shows Wear and Tear

It is no secret that carpet wears down through usage and the pile height decreases. Rugs with small pile density and long pile heights are more likely to become matted down quicker than rugs with shorter pile heights and larger pile densities. If you are wanting a carpet that will maintain its appearance, even through heavy usage, opt for a carpet with a shorter pile height and larger pile density. The color of the carpet is another issue. Over usage, the color of the carpet will fade and start to discolor – this is inevitable but can be limited if darker colors are used instead of softer and lighter colors. Regardless, even good quality, the dark carpet will eventually show signs of usage through wear and tears.

It Needs Maintenance

The bare minimum of carpet care is vacuuming regularly. Through usage, yarn fibers can make their way out of the carpet; they can also collect floating dust particles. This is why vacuuming regularly is a requirement for carpet, especially in households where asthma and other problems are a concern. For certain stains, such as red wine, the carpet may have to be professionally cleaned to ensure that it is removed without damaging the carpet. This can be costly and isn't recommended for frequent cleaning. For stains that you can manage yourself, you would have to spot clean them to ensure that it doesn't spread to the area around them.

It Only Works Well in Certain Areas

Carpet is a great flooring option and can be suitable for many places, but bathrooms and kitchens are not those places. These places will inevitably be wet and there will be continuous spillages of some sort. The constant exposure would prematurely ruin the carpet and make it unappealing to have around. For these areas, it is better to have something that is water-resistant and can be cleaned without worry – like vinyl or luxury vinyl tiles. If you are wanting to cover your whole house in carpet, it would be the best option to choose a different flooring option for bathrooms and kitchens.

It will eventually need to be replaced

No type of flooring out there can withstand heavy usage permanently. Eventually, the carpet pile will decrease and the carpet will lose the structure it first had when installed. The signs of heavy usage will be made evident through the discoloration and fading of the carpet. Even expensive, the good quality carpet will eventually show signs of wear and tears and will need to be replaced. This, however, is not a problem that will show right away and comes rather after at least a decade of use.

Choosing Flooring for Your Home? Weigh Your Options Wisely

If you are contemplating your flooring options, take your time to go through every available option before making your decision. You would want to make sure that the choice you have made is best, both for you and your living environment. Carpet is a long-term investment and isn't something that should be thought about lightly. Hopefully, these pros and cons have given you some indication is carpet is the best option for you.

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