Dining Room Carpets

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  1. Chapter 01 Calm Grey Carpet
    £12.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  2. Soft Delight 860 Granite Polypropylene Carpet
    £18.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  3. Nashville 85 Light Blue Polypropylene Actionback Carpet
    £7.49 per m2
  4. Balmorale 71 Fawn Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £16.99 per m2
  5. Sanibel 90 Sable Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £8.49 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  6. Delicious 13 Sweetheart Dark Beige Carpet
    £29.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  7. Cleveland 91 Stone Action Back Carpet
    £10.99 per m2
  8. Boston 225 Terra Actionback Carpet
    £16.49 per m2
  9. Prague 319 Berber Actionback Carpet
    £8.99 per m2
  10. Adorable Luxury 05 Darling Light Beige Carpet
    £24.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  11. Limasol 960 Roman Stone Action Back Carpet
    £25.49 per m2
  12. Paphos 40 Willow Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
  13. Barcelona 175 Silver Action Back Carpet
    £25.99 per m2
  14. Caress Elite 06 Entice Dark Beige Carpet
    £18.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  15. Florence 72 Limestone Action Back Carpet
    £13.99 per m2
  16. Miami 70 Wheat Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £15.99 per m2
  17. Canberra 156 Dolphin Easyback Carpet
    £9.49 per m2
  18. Soft Delight 440 Ivory Woven Back Carpet
    £18.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  19. Larnaca 81 Blue Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £12.99 per m2
  20. Portland 275 Pewter Stain Defender Actionback Carpet
    £9.49 per m2
  21. Newcastle 91 Harvest Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £9.99 per m2
  22. Summer 970 Stain Resistant Polypropylene Carpet
    £15.49 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  23. Havana 77 Pewter Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £10.99 per m2
  24. Chicago 171 Oyster Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £16.99 per m2
  25. Storm 1316 Rain Grey Domestic Carpet
    £23.49 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  26. Delectable 08 Inviting Light Beige Carpet
    £31.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  27. Canterbury Extra 15 Pudding Grey Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
  28. Cordoba 915 Silver Ring Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £10.99 per m2
  29. Queenstown 77 Pewter Easyback Polypropylene Carpet
    £13.49 per m2
  30. Stockholm 6718 Brown Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £9.49 per m2
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Items 1-30 of 704


Dining Room Carpets - Instigate a sense of allure and charisma to your dining space

Dining Room Carpets can elegantly transform your dining space to a classy one, where you can host dinner parties or causal family dinners! Laying a dining room carpet is essential as it matches your lifestyle with your existing décor. Choosing a carpet requires a lot of detailed attention. You would want a carpet that compliments your interior décor and adds style to your space. Each carpet has something new to offer and has the ability to transform your interior in entirely unique ways. A powerful design tool, Carpets acts as an artwork for your floor and provides a modern backdrop for your other décor item. Whether you have a wooden flooring or tile, adding a stylish carpet to your interior will not only protect your floors but it will also bestow a sense of charisma and charm to your interior décor.

Choosing the right colour is a must when choosing a dining room carpet for your home. Make sure to think about all the colours you like or the colours you would like to look at on a daily basis, as the colour you choose will set the tone of your entire space. To create a soothing, relaxed aura for your dining space, try rugs with pastel tones. Pastel tones such as pale blue, green, purple, helps in bestowing a cool and serene ambiance. These colors are also wonderful for spaces such as reading areas, home offices or a nursery. Cool, sleek color palette makes you give an impression of having a large space, so try a sleek silver carpet to make your living space appear more open and modern yet inviting. If you want to create a comfortable yet stylishly chic aura, go for carpets with warm tones. Colors such as shades of orange, red and yellow helps in inviting energy and adds a vibrant touch to your space. These bold, tropical colors help in creating a lively aura and make your space appear more creative.

If you want to create a perfect balance of chic-factor and coziness in your room, determining the pattern for your carpet is an essential factor. You’ll probably want a style that reflects your personality which in turns makes your room a comfortable yet stylish space. If you are stylizing a large dining room with lots of colors and accessories, go for a neutral style. If your room has more of solid colors then you can choose a patterned carpet. As bedrooms generally don’t receive heavy foot work, you can go for a carpet which brings comfort and luxury. So you can just lay a fluffy Saxony carpet for that extra oomph to your flooring. Carpet Delivered UK offers the best collection of Bedroom Carpets Online that can sumptuously transform your bedroom space. A carpet serves as the best option for your living space, whether it’s in the living room where your entire family can gather to have a great time with the added benefit of comfort and warmth in the colder months or in the bedroom for that extra layer of warmth or in the dining room for that casual get-together with your family and friends. A flooring foundation for your home, Carpets not only provide warmth to a cold or slightly unwelcoming room but also helps in uplifting your entire interior décor. Laying a green carpet amplifies the style quotient of your home while providing added benefits such as sound absorption and a comfortable surface to walk barefoot on.

If you want best carpet for dining room, make sure to consider the texture factor as well. A cut pile or chunky wool sisal carpet, with rustic upholstery and a rich color on wall will help in warming up a room that doesn’t receive much sunlight. If you want to achieve a sense of spaciousness without sacrificing on the texture, try a pale, closely-textured wool carpet in soft tones which would suggest the faded colors we associate with distance. Rough texture absorbs more light than smoother ones. If you use same color yarn in high and low pile construction, it will give a darker looking carpet as compared if you use a use a uniform pile carpet. Carpets Delivered UK offers an array of luxurious carpets fit for any room in your house, be it bedroom carpet or kitchen carpets. Available in variety of colours ranging from sleek grey to red carpets, we have it all.

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