Living Room Carpets

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  1. City Twist Supreme 09 Midnight Blue Carpet
    £15.95 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  2. Adelaide 08 Mink Vanilla Twist Pile Carpet
    £18.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  3. Sydney 76 Slate Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £12.49 per m2
  4. Cornwall Elite 08 St Clement Dark Beige Carpet
    £29.95 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  5. Boston 90 Toffee Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £16.49 per m2
  6. Edinburgh 162 Shadow Actionback Carpet
    £8.99 per m2
  7. Caress Luxury 02 Amour White Carpet
    £28.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  8. Castell Exclusive 07 Fortress Dark Grey Carpet
    £20.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  9. Swansea 77 Pewter Easyback Carpet
    £12.99 per m2
  10. Enchanting Exclusive 08 Possessing Light Beige Carpet
    £22.00 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  11. Paphos 78 Midnight Action Back Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
  12. Barcelona 90 Latte Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £25.99 per m2
  13. Canterbury 11 Licorice Black Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  14. Melbourne 08 Ivory Biege Loop Carpet
    £8.00 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  15. Florence 91 Sanstone Polypropylene Carpet
    £13.99 per m2
  16. Banquet 06 Loomi Grey Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  17. Miami 90 Shale Heavy Domestic Action Back Carpet
    £15.99 per m2
  18. Rome 1407 Brown Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £8.49 per m2
  19. Sensit Heathers 740 Sandstone Stainsafe Carpet
    £20.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  20. Amsterdam 02 Beige Cream Carpet
    £6.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  21. Alabama 312 Almond Polypropylene Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £11.99 per m2
  22. Castell Exclusive 08 Gallery Light Beige Carpet
    £20.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  23. Portland 91 Berber Actionback Polypropylene Carpet
    £9.49 per m2
  24. Delectable 05 Elegant Grey Carpet
    £31.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  25. Perth 161 Charcoal Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £15.49 per m2
  26. Storm 1316 Rain Grey Domestic Carpet
    £23.49 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  27. Banquet 05 Garlic Light Beige Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  28. Canterbury Extra 07 Fondue Grey Carpet
    £19.99 per m2
  29. Eagle 700 Tawny Carpet
    £7.99 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  30. Vienna 82 Light Blue General Contract Carpet
    £15.99 per m2
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Items 1-30 of 1061


Living Room Carpets - Give your home an alluring style quotient mixed with luxurious comfort

A carpeted floor helps in providing warmth and coziness to the living space as well as a luxurious appeal to your home. Living Room Carpets provides cushioned surface, helps in noise reduction, adds warmth and provides a non-slip surface. Carpets are environment friendly and are engineered to resist staining and fading and can even withstand even heavy foot traffic. A carpet provides a flooring foundation for your home while bestowing it with undeniable charisma and grace. Having Lounge Carpets amplifies the alluring quotient of your home as well as provides sound absorption and a comfy surface to walk on. So if you are deciding upon remodeling your interior décor, choosing a right Carpet Store should be the foremost step.

A carpet can traps allergens, dirt, dust and other impurities in its fibers, and it’s also susceptible to mold and mildew when exposed to moisture. Nevertheless, carpet can be easy to maintain on a daily basis. Just a quick vacuuming can do the trick which helps in retaining the look of your carpet. There are many styles in carpet, such as frieze which helps in hiding dirt and debris in its fibers. You can also replace your carper as it is easy and affordable. When installing your carpet make sure to do some pre-planning such as taking accurate measurements. If you are planning to stay in your home while the carpet is being installed, you should plan accordingly to minimize the amount of disruption, as some installation materials can produce strong odors or heavy noises. Carpet maintenance is vital in keeping you carpet, fresh looking and snug! A routine cleaning of your carpet will keep it looking gorgeous for the year round. Go for annual deep cleaning as it removes all the dust, dirt or any tiny food bit that your vacuum may have missed.

Carpet has countless option in terms of its look and appearance such as color, texture and pattern which means it provides numerous design possibilities. If you want classy solo statements for your living room, go for elegant styles and colors such as Green Carpets. You can create a great work of art for your room by layering a rug or two over your carpet. Carpet can also be a neutral foundation, or it can serve as a focal point when combined with saturated colours and unique, bold design and texture. Hard surfaces can be slippery, and hence they are not great to land on when falls or slips happen. Kids Carpets help in providing soft landing such as in your baby’s nursery or stairs as it can help in preventing some falls and slip ups. A carpet which is properly selected can increase safety by preventing slip ups and falls. Grey Stair Carpets help in providing style to your staircase while also cushioning falls and slip-ups.

Carpet has an excellent insulating property, much more than any hard surface flooring. Using a pad underneath the carpet also helps in providing a greater overall insulation. Carpet offers an actual Thermal Insulation and Resistance. In cold weather conditions, a carpet helps in retaining warm air for a long period of time, hence offering an energy conservation advantage. If you have kids or pets in your home, it might get a bit noisy with all their funny shenanigans, having a carpeted floor can certainly help with that. With a help of laying a carpet you can muffle the noise of the footsteps, or noise of your kid’s playing around, bouncing their toys, you can even block the noise of heavy music blasting through your elder one’s room. Noises from speakers or TVs are also absorbed by carpets, making your home a serene place to live. Laying a cushion pad beneath the carpet can further reduce the noise. Carpet also serves as a sound barrier between the floor levels by blocking the transmission of sound to the rooms below. Carpet Promotes indoor air quality, so next time when you’re going to buy a carpet and have doubts just remember this. A carpet helps by trapping the dust particles and allergens in their fibers until you vacuum them out and hence it prevents the dust particles to float around in the environment and keeps them away from your breathing air. Carpets Delivered UK offers an array of best carpets for living room in an array of textures, styles, colour and material.

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