Commercial Carpets

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  1. Boston 276 Flint Stain Defender Actionback Carpet
    £26.38 per m2
  2. Soft Delight 850 Moonbeam Bleach Cleanable Carpet
    £30.38 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  3. Summer 640 Stain Resistant Polypropylene Carpet
    £24.78 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  4. Balmorale 75 Sable Action back Carpet
    £27.18 per m2
  5. Vienna 282 Navy General Contract Carpet
    £25.58 per m2
  6. Lasting Romance Hazel 10 Carpet
    £43.98 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  7. Newcastle 94 Clay Stain Defender Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £10.99 per m2
  8. Portland 71 Cream Actionback Polypropylene Carpet
    £10.99 per m2
  9. Castell Exclusive 10 Grand Room Beige Carpet
    £33.58 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  10. Canberra 157 Pebble Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £10.99 per m2
  11. Miami 73 Moonlight Action Back Polypropylene Carpet
    £25.58 per m2
  12. Burghley House 01 Anniversay Splash Grey Carpet
    £26.38 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  13. Barcelona 70 Stone Stain Defender Polypropylene Carpet
    £41.58 per m2
  14. Paphos 72 Sandstone Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £31.98 per m2
  15. Derwent Extra 07 Nutmeg Dark Beige Carpet
    £12.78 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  16. Matheson 720 General Domestic Carpet
    £14.38 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  17. Delectable 01 Dainty Grey Carpet
    £51.18 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  18. Sanibel 76 Cloud Resistant Polypropylene Carpet
    £13.58 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  19. Queenstown 77 Pewter Easyback Polypropylene Carpet
    £21.58 per m2
  20. Cordoba 950 Dove Grey Actionback Carpet
    £17.58 per m2
  21. Montblanc Graphite 715 Carpet
    £25.58 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  22. Chicago 171 Oyster Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £27.18 per m2
  23. Havana 90 Waffle Polypropylene Easyback Carpet
    £17.58 per m2
  24. Caress Luxury 08 Intimate Silver Carpet
    £46.38 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  25. Rome 1428 Anthracite Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £8.99 per m2
  26. Las Vegas 69 Ivory Soft Touch Polyester Carpet
    £39.98 per m2
  27. Splendid Light Beige 785 Carpet
    £15.98 per m2
    Other Colour Options
  28. Liver Pool 174 Silver Heavy Domestic Carpet
    £28.78 per m2
  29. Amble 274 Graphite Action Back Carpet
    £20.78 per m2
  30. Delicious 02 Babe Brown Carpet
    £47.98 per m2
    Other Colour Options
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Items 1-30 of 514


Office Carpets - Create a sense of allure and luxuriousness with our selection

Carpets are one of the most luxurious and comfortable flooring options for both commercial and residential purposes. Carpets are suitable for almost every room in your house, be it a plush bedroom carpet, an extravagant living room carpet or a practical one for your commercial spaces and home offices. Home offices are the best place that allows your creativity to flow and allows you to get down to business as if you were at your work place. Having a commercial carpet amplifies the style quotient of your office space as well as provides sound absorption and a comfy surface to walk on. Carpets are a flooring foundation for your home and add a pop of color, texture and pattern. Carpet has innumerable option in terms of appearance such as texture, color, pattern which means it provides countless design possibilities. If you want timeless solo statements for your living space, go for classic styles and colors such as lower-pile neutrals. You can provide a great canvas for your room by layering a rug or two over your carpet.

One of the best ways to make sure that you will remain satisfied with your new carpet is to choose one which is easy to maintain. A carpet can traps allergens, dirt, dust and other impurities in its fibers, and it’s also susceptible to mold and mildew when exposed to moisture. Nevertheless, office carpets can be easy to maintain on a daily basis. Just a quick vacuuming can do the trick which helps in retaining the look of your carpet. There are many styles in carpet, such as frieze which helps in hiding dirt and debris in its fibers. Carpet has innumerable option in terms of appearance such as texture, color, pattern which means it provides countless design possibilities. But with so many options available, selecting a perfect one for your space can be a bit difficult. Make sure to narrow down your search by selecting colors that matches the overall ambiance of your room. Go for coastal blues or green to give your space a calm, serene setting or you can choose warmer shades to make your space feel cozy and snug. Light shades can make your small room feel spacious and more open so go for tan or cream color. Before deciding on the shades make sure whether you want to make your carpet a focal point for your room or not.

Experience the immense feel of warmth and comfort and soft cushioning feel underfoot with a carpet. Children Carpet provides a good, soft feel underfoot and adds a softer feel to kid’s space. With a carpeted floor, you will feel a lot more comfortable and warm even if the temperature is few degrees lower as compared to a non-carpeted room. Walking or standing for a long time on a concrete or ceramic tiles floor can leave your body sore and achy, as these hard surfaces offer no flexibility underfoot hence lack the ability to absorbs shocks when walking barefoot. Carpeted floor acts as a shock absorber for your footsteps and offers comfort when walking barefoot.

A well maintained carpet helps in purifying the air by significantly reducing the amount of indoor pollutants which triggers asthma or allergies. A carpets pile helps by trapping the airborne dust, dirt and allergens including volatile organic compounds, and keeps them out of your breathing air. A carpeted floor softens any harsh sounds and thus creates a quieter, more serene environment for your office. Having a carpeted floor and its underlay is the only way of eliminating any excessive noise being generated at your office space, such as footsteps, objects being dropped or a furniture being scraped across the floor. If you have kids or pets that play around and produce heavy floor impact, then a carpeted floor helps immensely in toning down the noise level.

Carpet is a slip resistant floor covering which helps in reducing the risk of accidents caused due to slips and falls and reduces the likelihood of any serious injury due to such slips and falls. If you have small kids, having a carpeted floor allows them to crawl or walk on freely. Carpeted floor is beneficial for elderly as well as slippery surface are especially dangerous for them. Carpets Delivered UK is the best carpet store online that offers a wide range of commercial carpets for sale.

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